Dragon Rises



What you’ll get:

When you come to us for acupuncture, we use the most effective, time-tested techniques to address your health concerns. We’ll help you optimize your system’s natural energy flow and assist you in feeling better in body, mind, and spirit. 

“But how does it work?”

According to classical acupuncture theory, your body is comprised of a vast watershed, a system of interconnected waterways that have but one job: to keep you healthy and living your best life. 

These channels are ruled by your internal organs. Further—just like, say, your heart and lungs—they are constantly at work, nourishing and directing your body’s every cellular function. 

When flowing properly, the channels are wellsprings of vibrant health. When they dry up, or become swampy, or flow improperly, your body begins to feel different, under pressure, like something is not right. 

Since these subtle differences and discomforts are, in fact, the harbingers of greater dis-ease and bodily dysfunction, you’ll often feel better immediately when we help to create flow where once your body felt stuck. 



In its well-meaning attempt to regulate the pain, suffering, and stress that you’ve been under, your body has become unbalanced. You need to find balance again. Chinese herbal prescriptions are always tailored to exactly what your very own body is craving—and they remind your body how to how to function at its very best! 

Herbal medicine is not like taking a supplement, though: it doesn’t need to be taken forever as it reminds your body what it’s otherwise forgotten to do.



Our approach to body work honors the body’s inherent wisdom — its efficacy lies in the fact that attune to the exact signature of patterning in your body and strengthen it. Sometimes where you feel your pain is not where the pain itself originates, you are a complex being with dynamic patterning!

Anchored in a rich understanding of living anatomy, principles of osteopathy, and the the cranial system — inherent in this work is the unwavering belief that the body itself contains all the information it needs for its own healing. Our job as practitioners is to be listen and follow! In this session patients will have a Cranial and Bodywork only session, there will be no insertion of acupuncture needles. The body responds profoundly when we listen.



Many of us feel stuck in habitual patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer feel like our best work. We need a new perspective, and we need support in finding it. 

By slowing down and mindfully studying the underlying beliefs and body sensations that drive you, we can work together to furnish you with more conscious choice about how you orient to your self, your work, and your relationships.

Ultimately, you’ll get to know—and be!—your best self. And you’ll shine your unique light into the world just like you were always meant to.