Dragon Rises

a home for the practice of life and chinese medicine


We are Dragon Rises Center for wholeness

A Word About Us

We change the world one heart at a time. We treat ailments and injuries of both body and spirit. We offer holistic, wholehearted, and dedicated care.

Our clinical work draws from acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, cranialsacral, myofascial release, and mindfulness counseling.

The world wants more of you.


Why We Do What We Do


Our approach is rooted in one simple truth: bodies, minds, and hearts continually seek greater health and wholeness. Dragon Rises Center for Wholeness exists because we trust in this wisdom—and we trust that you have that wisdom inside you.

We know that the body gets stymied in its efforts to heal—or, sometimes, even just to make it through the day! But we also trust that dise-ease often presents us with the a trailhead leading back to our truest selves.

We treat people—not their diseases—because, in the end, the only ‘thing’ that needs treatment is inevitably the whole person themselves.

Let life nourish you.


Enliven your healing. Access deeper resources.


Let’s remind your body what it means to thrive.


Honor your body’s most inherent wisdom.


You are whole. You always have been. Feel it.


 Our Roots

Although it’s often referred to as Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, our shared medical lineage can be traced back to the early 1600’s. Its first written record appears in 1626 and refers to scholar-physicians who practiced in a region of China known as Menghe.

This four-centuries-old tradition bears the names of the two most recent lineage holders who brought this knowledge to the west, Drs John H.F. Shen and Leon I Hammer. Our clinic’s namesake is the book “Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies: Chinese Medicine and Psychology,” which was written by our dear teacher Dr. Hammer. We are deeply humbled to have been given his blessing. 

Our earlier forebears—the Menghe doctors—were well-known throughout ancient China for having expanded their clinical scope by weaving together seemingly disparate healing modalities. Our own alchemical approach includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, cranialsacral, myofascial release, and mindfulness counseling—and the benefits to our patients’ and clients’ lives is nothing short of pure gold. 

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Dragon Rises Center for Wholeness is located inside Somatic Center Portland on the third floor of the SolTerra building at SE 9th & Division.

959 SE Division St, #315
Portland, OR 97214

p. 971.808.7178

f. 503.200.1067

e. info@dragonrisesportland.com